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Repair is our specialty

Is your vacuum or shampooer not performing like it did when it was new? Most often they can be restored to like new performance with our professional repair service. Repair cost is sometimes much lower than you would expect, saving the cost of unnecessarily purchasing a new cleaner, and helping to preserve our planet as well. We provide free estimates on repairs.

Come see what we have to offer, and enjoy a really clean home! We carry a wide variety of bags, belts, filters, parts, and accessories. We also sell quality new and used vacuums and shampooers.

Our Services

Sweeper Remedy offers a wide
variety of services and benefits
Professional service and repair
for vacuums and shampooers
Free estimates on repairs
Free loaners with repairs
Quality new and used vacuum cleaners and shampooers
Wide variety of bags, belts, parts, and accessories
Shampooer rentals

New vacuums

If you are looking for a new vacuum, we would encourage you to consider going with a long term, high quality solution, in the Miele brand. Consider that when compared to the typical lower cost vacuums that often last 1 to 3 years, it is far more environmentally sustainable to buy one long term vacuum than it is to buy 3 or 4 lower cost vacuums that break down on a regular basis incurring added repair hassle and cost.

When you choose a Miele you can rest assured that you will have a top performing, long lasting, easy to use, and highly reliable vacuum, that will provide truly clean air, with filtration technology that is second to none. This is a great solution for allergy sufferers! As an added bonus, you will need to clean your home less often because Miele vacuums redistribute virtually no dust back into the air.

Miele vacuums are designed to last for a minimum of 20 years. They are rigorously stress tested to be sure that they will hold up over the long term. Year after year, Miele has consistently received high customer satisfaction ratings. They recently took numerous spots in the latest Consumer Reports vacuum cleaner reviews, including the number one rank for their C3 canister vacuum, and number two for their U1 upright vacuum.

Authorized Warranty Service Center for the following brands:
Miele, Hoover, Bissell, Panasonic, Dirt Devil, and Royal.

About us

Established in 2006

We have been fixing vacs and shampooers, and providing quality new and used floor cleaners, as well as a wide variety of parts and accessories since 2006. Come see us at our new location at 100 E Main Street, in Syracuse Indiana.

Meet the owner

Glen Mullet

Hello, my name is Glen Mullet, and I am the owner of Sweeper Remedy. I have about 12 years of experience in the floor cleaner field. I have a special knack for working around difficult repair issues, and really enjoy restoring the proper functionality to broken down cleaners. I feel that repair service is a very important service to provide, since the world is fast becoming overburdened with trash. Let’s work together to slow the tide, and save you the cost of unnecessarily buying a new cleaner as well!

  • Prior to opening this store, I was employed as a service technician for vacuum and shampooer repairs. I enjoyed the repair work very much, so I decided to open my own repair shop.Glen Mullet
  • It’s a great feeling to know that you are really helping customers by repairing their machines, saving them the cost of purchasing a new one, and preventing the machines from going to the landfills. We also recycle all components from the machines that are too worn out to repair. I believe that it is very important to do what we can, and to be responsible about preserving and not polluting the planet. I think that many of the health issues of today are related to toxicity from pollution, so we try to do our part.Glen Mullet

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